Welcome to our world. Watch your head.

Giant Peach is a 501c3 Non-profit focused on helping LGBTQ, BIPOC and Female artists build big art.

Our Primary Directive:

Inspire artists to play, educate, and explore with their community through multi-sensory art projects, both big and small.

The ability to create interactive and communal art is inaccessible without certain factors: supplies, space, transport, crew, and knowledge. We exist to cultivate these things and make them accessible to women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC artists that generally wouldn't get the opportunity, or want to learn more before embarking on their own.

Current Project:

Dreamweaver - an interactive, Sci-Fi themed art piece being created for Burning Man 2022.

Upcoming Events:

A space-themed, family friendly day party with a stacked lineup, crafting tables, SWAG, and a stacked DJ Lineup.

Location: 7th West Oakland (Link)
RSVP YES on Facebook for Free Entry ($10 suggested donation)


Join us in creating art! We need:

Generally crafty humans
Organized/admin types 
Community outreach leads
Fundraising/party planning
Warm bodies - We'll teach you!
Join Us!
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